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The Village Tapes   

for all the world lies
hushed & fallen
green ships dangle
on the surface of
Ocean, & sky-birds
glide smugly among
the planes
Gaunt crippled houses
Strangle the cliffs
In the East, in the cities
a hum of life
begins, now come

Of the Great Insane
American Night
We sing
sending our gift
to its vast promise

Pilots are a problem
The rain & hungry sea
greedy for steel

Say a soft American Prayer
A quiet animal sigh
for the strong piane

We rode on opium tires
from the colossal
airport chess game
at dawn, new from glass
in the broken night

landed then in quiet
fog, beside the times
out of this strange river

Then gladly thru
a wasted morning
happy to be alive to
signs of life
a dog,
a school girl
are we in Harlem?


accept this ancient
which has travelled
far to greet us
From the East
w/ the sun

Call out to him
From the mountain
high, from high

as the mind
& wends its way
to freedom

grant us one more day
& hour
the hero of this dream
who heals & guides us

Forgive me, Blacks
you who unite
as I fear & gently
fall on darkness

     Science ot night
Earth Air Fire Water
Mother Father Sons & Daughters
Airplane in the starry night
First fright
Forest follow free
I love thee
watch how I love thee

The Politics of ecstasy are real
Can't you feel them working
thru you
Turning night into day
Mixing sun w/ the sea

Ledger domain
Wilderness pain
cruel swimming ambience
sweet swimming fish hook smile
I love you all the while
even w/ the little child
by the hand
& squeeze

You're learning

Keep off the walk
listen to the children talk

Cobra sun / fever smile
- No man kill me

"Who is this insane messenger?"

In times like these we need
men around us who can
see clearly & speak the truth.

Out of breath

        Raving witness

- Who comes?
- Asia.

       Cassandra at the well
Help! Help! Save us!
Save us!
We're dying, tella, do something.
Get us out of this!
Save us!
I'm dying.
What have we done now!
We've done it, fella, we've committed the

This is the end of us, fella.
I love you fella.
I love you fella.
I love you cause you're you.

But you've got to help us.
What have we done, fella,
What have we done now?

Where are my dreamers
Today & tonight.
Where are my dancers
leaping madly
whirling & screaming

Where are my women
quietly dreaming
caught like angels
on the dark porch
of a velvet ranch
dance dance dance dance
          dance dance dance

It was the greatest night of my life
Although I still had not found a wife
I had my friends right there beside me

Indians scattered on dawn's highway bleedin
Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind

We scaled the wall
We tripped thru the graveyard
Ancient shapes were all around us
No music but the wet grass
felt fresh beside the fog

Two made love in a silent spot
one chased a rabbit into the dark
A girl got drunk & made the dead
And I gave empty sermons to my head

Cemetery cool & quiet
Hate to leave
your sacred lay
Dread the milky coming or the day

In this full-throated
Sex'd cry
we must try again
to speak of the ununited
miles of sleep around
Bumbling thru slumber
Blind numbers

In a tiled room
We sit & brood
Refuse to move
The guards refuse

and in the last place
And in the last sweet breath
& in stroke of sine-wise crab

and in stars of plenty, stars of greed
in the written book & majesties
in fullfilment on a cliff
on the inside of butter
on smooth backs & camels
in the open vessel
in the vein
in lives untold
     who witnessed everything
For those people who died
for Nirvana
for the heavenly creed
for you, for me

These lines are written
    to convey the message
To ignore the warning
To spree upward into
Tantalizing voices
To visit under-seas
Things more horrible
                than war
Things out of the tales
Great beasts
Suffering extinction

All those monstrous
Words forsaken, falling
by all Hell
loose walls, forgotten
tumbling down into
Fast friends
fellows of the one true cross
earthly lovers crash
sweet sorrow blackness
on the spilled roadside
down, into fire
silence, cry

Argue w/ breath
while I cry

it must come
like dream
from the center
where liquor's

it must come
like the dawn
soft haste
No hurry
hairs curl
The phone
We create the dawn

I fell on the earth
	  & raped the snow
I got married to life
      & breathed w/ my marrow
I saw young dancers
I am meat & need fuel
Need the whorey glimmer of tears
in women, all ages
Laughter sandwich, fuel
     for the lunch of meat minds
Now damn you, dance
Now dance
or die sleek & fat in your
reeking seats, still
buckled for flight

If the writer can write, &
	the farmer can sow
Then all miracles concur,
	appear, & start happening
If the children eat, if their
	time of crying was Mid-

The earth needs them
soft dogs on the snow
Nestled in Spring
When sun makes wine
& blood dances dangerous
     in the veins or vine
To have just come wondering
if the world is real it's
sick to see the shape she's
made of. What wandering
lunacy have we soft created?

Certain no one meant it
sure someone started
Where is he?
Where is he or it when
    we need her?
Where are you?
In a flower?

To have just been born
     for beauty & see sadness
What is this frail sickness?

Round-up, Rondolay, Rhonda,
Red, Rich roll ruse rune
rake roan ran regard
if you know what I mean.
This is concrete imagery Vermont
The mouth leads this way
I that way
No good faster the hand too slow
To exist in time we die construct
prisms in a void
The truth faster
These hang-ups hold-ups
shooting the republic
The president's dream behind
The throne
four-score fast fever the clinic
the wisdom syphilis doctor nurse
Indians americans Atlantis
Save us guide us in time of need
prayer to the mind cell body
prayer to center of man prayer
to evening's last whisper as the
hand silently glides into peaceful
thorns stones storms
I await your coming
w/ negligence Speak to me!
don't leave me here alone  Torture
clinic chamber   I know the man
arrested    The stale bars   his mother
who will help a match a cigarette
I'm going. God? What is your name
There must be some way to define
stop happening space shades
postures poses snapshots    The
World behind the word & all
utterance    Can't now
coming for    us soon    leave all over
The Republic is a big cross   in a
big cross the nation     The world on fire
Taxi from Africa    The Grand Hotel
He was drunk   a big party last
night there.   Pastures fields
skunks snake invisible night birds
night hawks    summer disaster
out of doors    listen to the lions
roar in the empty fields
These are forgotten
lands   Speak confidently of
the forest   the end   the joke
is on me    most certainly

There must be someone today who
knows they do but they can't
Tell you   like feeding a child
Wine   like sniffing cortex
blue babies lists    real estate
cleaning offices word-vomit
mind soup    crawling lice     book bonds.
Feeling streams lead to losers
back going back in all directions
sleeping these insane hours
I'll never wake up in a good mood
again.    I'm sick of these
Stinking boots.    Stories of animals
in the woods    not stupid     but
like indians peeping out    their
little eyes in the night    I know
the forest & the evil moon tide.
»We sure look funny   don't we fella?«
Plu-perfect.   Forgotten.    Songs
are good streams for a laugh.
The mind bird was a good fella
Who minded labyrinths & lived
in a well    He knew Jesus
Knew Newman    Knew me &
Morganfield    I hope you can
understand these last parables
were hope (less) sure    if you can
regard them as anything beyond
matter    Surely not more than
Twice-fold fork follow & loose -
tree    Now here's the rub    rune
Rib-bait squalor the women of the
quarter yawned & meandered
swimming dust tide for food
scraps to child feed    No noon
for misses     The Church called bells
inhabitants of the well come to hell
come to the bell    funeral jive
Negroes plenty, fluttering their
dark smiles.    Mindless lepers-
con-men    The movie is popular
This season in all the hotels
rich tourists from the continent
shore-up & hold the story seance
nightly    The birds tell & they
Know all Telephones    crooks
& castanets    The lines are wired
Listen    hear those voices & all
This long distance from the other half

I love to hear ya ramble boy
missionary stallion    One day
The devil arrived only no one tell
or you'll ruin the outcome. He
walked to the pulpit & saved
The city while certainly scoring
Someone's female daughter.
When his cloak was hoisted
The snake was seen & we all
slipped back to lethargy.
Buildings gilded no interruptions

Constructions everywhere.    Our
own house was solid astrology
Tiny flutes won their starlings
sunrise. And in the estuary
side-traps stopped our dinner
He comes home w/ bags of meat
& sacks of flour & the bread
rose & the family flourished.

Those who Race toward Death
Those who wait
Those who worry

The Endless quest a vigil
of watchtowers and fortresses
against the sea and time
Have they won? Perharps.
They still stand and in
their silent
rooms still wander
the souls of the dead,
who keep their watch on the living.
Soon enough we shall join them.
Soon enough we shall walk
the walls of time. We shall
miss nothing
except each other.

Fence my sacred fire
I want. To be simple, black & clean
A dim nothingness
The sea is green
like the child's version of a
Christmas dream
w/ no

Why the desire for death.

A clean paper or a pure
       white wall. One false
line, a scratch, a mistake.
Unerasable. So obscure
by adding million other
       tracings, blend it,
cover over.

But the original scratch
remains, written in
gold blood, shining.

Desire for a Perfect Life

Jim Morrison, Poems Recorded December 8, 1970